Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Games of Hunger

I am always late to the arena. Perhaps that is why I didn't pick up THE HUNGER GAMES by Suzanne Collins until my flight back from Florida. I began the book in the airport and stayed up late to finish it. I couldn't put it down and was mesmerized by the story, the way it was written, and how it led to a desire for more, more, more. I know, too, that a movie is heading our way.

Here's where I'm already disappointed, though. I watched the trailer after finishing the book. My imagination had been bursting for 370 pages and I saw the world in a completely new way. Viewing the trailer I couldn't help but feel disappointed. Unlike the Harry Potter series, the preview didn't align with my imagination. I suppose it is only an interpretation and I shouldn't be critical of a film. The book was spectacular, so the film needs to be the same. I want the spectacle to continue the spectacle.

Even so, the story is phenomenal: LORD OF THE FLIES meets THE MOST DANGEROUS GAME meets THE GIVER meets WOMAN WARRIOR. All three books are out and it will take everything in my power not to give in to my temptation to read the next two in the series --- the first book was that intriguing.

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