Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Remember this, Mike?

I was thinking about Sammy Hagar as cars flew by me going 75 mph today on 95. The speed limit is 55, I think, maybe 65, but I was driving slow. I was thinking, "Man, do you remember when the max was 55? No wonder he wrote the song."

I wonder if speed limits go up when the pace of life also goes up. Of course, in southern Connecticut, it is lucky to get traffic moving above a crawl so today was rather lucky. For those you you who see little traffic in a day, feel fortunate. I am thinking about the back roads between Hamilton and Sherburne, New York, and the complete emancipation of open roads. It is hard for me to imagine that locations like that still exist. Instead, I live a bumper to bumper existence.

I am thankful for my books on c.d. - they make sitting in traffic tolerable.

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