Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Calling all my creative friends

Around the world, there are contests where individuals are challenged to take their dissertation work and turn it into interpretive dance. Hmmm. It got me thinking. This was a recent winner who studied food, I believe, and so I'm wondering about my work with 'perspectives of eight African-born male youth with interrupted formal education on writing in a U.S. high school'

What might that dance be?

Of course, i should have had the twins who visited me this weekend come up with ideas, but this video came to my attention right after they left. Ideally, it would be fun to choreograph an entry and to challenge the textual documentation that has entrapped me the last few years. I would love to see my findings come alive through movement (which, by the way, was a major finding).

It's a thought. I'll keep kicking it around.

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