Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Not quite sure who stole the cookie

Yesterday, while working, several of my colleagues came in to find their rooms had been pried open and their laptops stolen. I had my computer at home with me, but the afternoon turned into a lot of investigation. It looks as if tools were used to pry open doors and laptops were the cookies they were after.

Of course, this video is a little more humorous - kids acting out the age-old cookie question.

I am thankful today that my room was spared, which is rather remarkable considering that all rooms in my wing were sabotaged. I immediately backed everything up and have chosen NOT to leave things in my office. There's no security camera, I guess, and the doors are left open all the time. I'm guessing this will be an economical issue: either find a way for faculty to swipe in during offer hours (and consequently offer more security) or pay for replacement computers whenever this sort of thing happens.

Yikes. Never good to have a thief in the crowd. It's a way of life, but so frustrating for those who are swindled.

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