Wednesday, October 26, 2011

This was always an indicator that Xmas was coming

You know, we didn't have Pixar or 3D. Our stories were basic, simple, and yet they conditioned us to trust particular morals and values. I miss having only a few channels and occasional opportunities to view a kid film. Now, everything is so accessible. It makes us crave more when we want it. We're spoiled.

But it's a good thing. Creativity sparks creativity...and I suppose there will be a day when all the Charlie Brown films are made to captivate a more modern audience. There's not all the hype and pizazz, but the stories still held meaning and got us excited.

Yesterday I posted on Willy Wonka (old skool). The new school version was a flop. It didn't create excitement or urges in kids. It simply annoyed them because it wasn't fantastic enough. I remember how excited I was when Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Willy Wonka, or Mary Poppins came on television. Finally, a story for us. Now, well, there's little to satisfy, because it is so constant.

"I got a rock"

For some of us, it's the story of our lives. (Ah, but Rudolph will be on soon - "A Charlie in a Box!"

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