Monday, October 10, 2011

Hmmm, how real is it?

Twenty years ago, when I came back from London, MTV had its first season of the The Real World. It doesn't seem possible that twenty seasons of cast members have come and gone, but that is the truth. I remember the show caught my attention because I had just returned from London living with strangers and I thought, "Shoot. They could have filmed my apartment."

Fast forward. The show now seems to cast unbelievable drunks, sex addicts and egomaniacs, but it still is intriguing to watch. They were reality television before reality television was the trend. Now it is normal, and it all seems like Hollywood hype. Yet, the over the top story lines still engage viewers.

And what is funny about this season's episodes in San Diego, is that one of the writers - yes they have writers - for the season, came to Syracuse University a year ago and was talking to me about this year's cast. He was frustrated by how scripted he had to make the show and was fed up, so he quit. I wonder what it would be like to be filmed and to have only one hour - the most interesting times - of the week posted. I believe I'd be more interesting if I was clipped to only 60 minutes of an otherwise mundane existence. I imagine I'd be entertaining, too. Then again, I wouldn't want a camera in my face 24/7. I have enough trouble falling asleep.

Twenty years. Oi Vay. Age.

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