Sunday, March 27, 2011

Inspiration for Nikki

I know it must be rough for Nikki knowing that she broke her foot the day before Mid-York Championships, two weeks before Northeast Championships, and three weeks before Nationals. Even so, she's done an amazing job in her first year of JV and our family is proud. When we were growing up, HBO often featured the Terry Fox story - a movie that inspired our generation. I post this video to remind you of the power of what you can do, despite whatever obstacles come your way.

Perhaps Larry would like to write next year's show based on your final Saturday run-through. The show can be called "Terry Fox" and you could perform like you are now, with injuries. You'd inspired numerous young people around the nation and could become a role model for many. You and your teammates can all perform like flamingoes. I'm not sure if the judges would like it, but I imagine the difficulty of the performance would score high points. Have you ever tried leaping when you only have the use of your left leg?

Either way, I am wishing you luck in that Sh...Sh...Sh...near Albany place. Thinking of you. Bryan

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