Friday, March 18, 2011

throwback to the beastie boys

Observing a student teacher yesterday and hearing his tales (tails?) about saving squirrels reminded me of this Beastie boy parody.

Paul, the student teacher, is known for missing classes because he's found squirrels hit by cars on the side of the road and he tries to save them. His goal in life is to raise squirrels from infancy and, if possible, to make them domestic.

I am recalling my buddy Matt had a similar quest in our undergraduate years. My memory tells me that the experiment failed miserably and the squirrel he tried to raise went crazy in our house. He had to be let go. Matt was much more successful raising lady bugs on his Eucalyptus tree. Those he could make tame.

This post is in honor of Paul and his rodent fascination. I wish him much luck with their species, especially when he tries to get them on a leash so he can take them for a walk on the moon.

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