Thursday, February 10, 2011

Fitting Music for Last Night's Soap Opry.

I landed in Nashville and they had half an inch of snow. The city was paralyzed and traffic was a parking lot. Even so, Bob the shuttle man picked me up and I traveled with Bernadette, her wheelchair, and another woman named Billie. We were traveling 2 miles per hour when we learned we had an emergency. We had to pick up another driver and her customer who were stuck in snow. David was a yuppie and didn't want a woman driver. In fact, he demanded we take him to a hotel in Nashville, which we did. He talked non-stop about how we were foolish for traveling in this blizzard. Seriously, you could sweep the streets clean. Even so, cars were on the sides of the road everywhere. You'd think we were Chicago!

I made it to my destination safely, but only after Bernadette and her wheelchair talked Bob into allowing me to go into a steak joint to get us french fries.

The shuttle didn't have heat, however, except when were got the van going 55 m.p.h., which wasn't until we got of the exit to the hotel. We were rather cold.

Good thing, we all had a sense of humor. You couldn't make anything up. Of course, the university is closed tomorrow morning due to the storm. We shall see where the adventure takes me next.

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