Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday's Challenge

I am heading out of Syracuse for a while, and I post this Capital One commercial, not because I promote banking industries, interest, and our credit card fanaticism, but because I'm addicted to the goat. Every time I hear that goat's bleat I try to impersonate it. I can't do it, however, and I'm throwing a challenge out to the Cacophony of 2011. I want everyone I know to practice their impersonation of the Capital One New Orlean's goat and be prepared to impress me the next time I see them.

You'd better rehearse because this one's hard. I can't get it down and I've been trying really hard in the shower and when driving on the highway. I recommend you work with your friends and family to get advice. It is a tricky creature to impersonate.

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