Monday, April 11, 2011

brain still not working

It is amazing to me that when I go to sleep, I don't dream in written text. I spend the majority of my hours awake behind a computer screen composing and editing. Then, after fourteen hours, I think, hmmmm, I need to stick with my Cacophony resolution of 2011.

So, my noise is giving my dog a biscuit. Dull. I know.

But, I'm a bit delirious, and when I look back to this online journal way down the road, I will see this post, the date, the reality of where I was as a PH.D candidate in the final stages of the academic chaos and I will say, "Yep. That was it exactly. Look at the bags under your eyes and the greasy hair that went unwashed for three days."

At least Baby gets her Scooby snack.

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