Friday, April 15, 2011

It's like a mosquito

I turn my cell phone on vibrate so that I can concentrate on working during the day. Consequently, this is the noise that I hear all day long. It sounds like a barber shop, but no one is getting a haircut.

I know the sound annoys my mom. It annoys me, too.

What's my point of this post? Not much. Just that the vibrate noise is all I hear during the day besides the sound my fingers make tapping at the keyboard. Oh, and usually when my cellphone vibrates, ten seconds later I can a "ding" on my computer meaning someone has sent me mail. That is usually what activates the buzzing, anyway. An email. These are the few highlights of my day...bzzzzz (ding). bzzzzz (ding)

Ah, communication. Remember live dialogue? Like from the 80s?

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