Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Dylan Debut

Note: the video ends with a minute of darkness. Don't know what that's about.

It's been many years since Nkki had to make a video for her middle school music video project and, several days and thoughts later, Dylan requested my help on creating a music video for his 5th grade music class. He filled out a template in comic book-frame style, but he requested an "end of the world video" where he depicted aliens attacking the earth and where desperate folks (e.g., his sister and father) needed to be saved by American soldiers. He went after the toils of misery, the oppressed (his sister and father) as they were attacked by aliens of another planet.

I think he captured his story well, letting his military might bring salvation to the people of earth needing to be saved from the wrath of an alien force.

I am hoping his depiction allows for a decent grade in his music rendition of an such an invasion. The video was shot the night before easter Sunday, resonating with the Biblical time when Moses provided emancipation of the ten commandments and the ill-treatment of enslaved individuals.

Such is the mind of youth and so goes another generation of musical creation.

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