Tuesday, November 8, 2011

31 years ago

I was looking for a Donahue clip that snowed him in full action - my memory of his afternoon talk show. I used to watch it and he drove me nuts. He's ask a question and then totally talk over his guests as he projected his thoughts over them. This clip, though, seems moderate. He's actually listening.

Why am I posting this? Well, I was thinking about life in its simpler days where there were fewer commentators and news was more reliable. I started to reflect on how Donahue offered his opinions, but also how there were few opinions on television. Now there are many. I can't help but think this is the result of prosperity. The more prosperity, the more voices allowed to articulate their thoughts.

Yet, this was 31 years ago. Has any of it changed? For those in my generation, do we know a world that doesn't rely on mass media, consumer choices, and privilege? I don't think so. To put his show in context, history must be revisited. When did American truly begin to seek its mission of true diversity - perhaps after the 1960s and the civil protests. How did these protests come to be? Children of men and women who worked in factories to build prosperity in this nation and who fought in wars overseas to secure stability in the Unites States so others could benefit from its fortune.

31 years later, we have the highest number of immigrants in U.S. history and their coming here for jobs, opportunities and hope that they weren't allowed at home. Whether or not our nation has the resources to sustain their dreams is an item for speculation. If schools are an indication - including higher education - then I might grow cynical. What we need is a visionary who works for social justice, who is practical with the resources that are needed to make it happen, and who puts people to work, holding them accountable. This might also require a vision that caps/contains the extreme wealth that has grown amok in the 21st century. It is exciting to think about, and dreamy to view, but it is insane. Greed? hmmm. Not so sure. Excess? perhaps. But equity, too.

I don't know where this is coming from.

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