Monday, November 7, 2011

Sunday - Guilty Pleasures, admitted on a Monday morning

I prefer mindless television, only because it is easy to do other work while watching. Included in this is THE AMAZING RACE that airs on Sunday evenings. Somehow I missed this episode and now I'm reconsidering a recent idea I had to send an application to the show. The Dean's Assistant, Pam, and I have been speculating our representation on the show and how we'd help their ratings because of our whacky sense of humor and inability to stay focused on one task for too long. Although we'd probably end up last rather quickly, we imagine that people would write in to bring us back.

Ah, that is all speculation. Even so, how great would it be to go on hiatus for a while to travel the world in a made-for-television saga. I'm up for it, but is CBS?

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