Thursday, November 10, 2011

It's okay, Charlie Brown

Say hello to Juliette for me. Give my regards to Chipper. Let Harley know I'm thinking of him. Keep an eye out for Zoie and find a tennis ball for Smoker. Tell Dusty, the old guy, he's still on my mind. Remind Jake he's missed. Look for a pal named Frankie. I think you'll like him. Perhaps Catt with two t's will finally play with you.

But most of all, R.I.P., Baby. You served your purpose and remained with me through a lot of transitions and life changes. You kept me centered, helped me to remain sane, and reminded me that it's good to lay in the sun every once in a while.

You deserve to rest. I was a hard person to keep track of, but I know you enjoyed the long walks as much as I did. Be free. How many dogs have spent their life between Kentucky and New York? Not many. You'll always be my beautiful Baby and I know, my Baby's mama, Lacey, loved you as much as I did.

And you owe much to Butch and Sue. They did a lot for you. Keep an eye on them, okay?

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