Monday, November 28, 2011

Thinking Ahead

It's the time of year to think ahead, and to help my family choose something I need for under the Christmas tree. So, I create this list to better assist them and their shopping desires.

10. A toaster oven (I have no ability to make toast)
9. My weedwacker went whack. Kaput.
8. My electric drill went with the weedwacker.
7. A winter coat.
6. Wind Up toys - I gave most of mine away.
5. Ties - I like ties.
4. This Douglas Coupland book (I don't have it)
3. A new dog. I miss Baby (but I can't have a dog)
2. A New SUV (it's on my horizon)
1. Their company - I always enjoy that.

Actually, as usual, I don't want anything, really. I'm just thankful to be part of the holiday festivities.

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