Friday, November 11, 2011

I guess this will do

Seemed like I received a lot of emails yesterday with doomsday reports about America's future, education, the economy, and global reality. I wondered if the chaos is more of the same, but that modern tools allow more people to be worried about it all. I kept thinking, "Man, is chicken little in charge or what?"

The optimistic in me feels today is as bad as it's always been, but equally as good. The pessimistic joins chicken little on the farm of doom. I do think, however, that life is never better than it is right now or ever worse. It's the same. Our attitudes are what we have to factor in.

Those calling for the end of the world, I always speculate, "if only we could be so lucky." I can only predict one thing about what's to come: it will be crappy and beautiful, amazing and shitty.

The Greeks had it right. Joy and pain.

May you get all your wishes this 11/11/11. Cool, historical day.

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