Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Testimony To Her Power

I tried to find Ruth Stone reading her poetry, but found this clip instead. Ironically, it is a video rendition of one of her poems created by a student at Kentucky Country Day (KCD). I find it fascinating that a student took her words and created a video of images based on her poem, "In The Next Galaxy" at a school the Brown School often played in sports. It is testimony to the digital age and how visuals can be another interpretive tool to show how a student makes meaning from another's words. I'm also interested in how the student chose music to coincide with the interpretation of Ruth Stone's work.

Ruth Stone died last week in Vermont. I think of her often as one of my greatest inspirations and my time spent with her as an undergraduate was irreplaceable. When I did Bread Loaf School of English and lived in Rochester, Vermont, I contacted her and thanked her for all her wisdom. We had a great talk and I sent her copies of poems I wrote in recognition of her powerful influence on my life.

I will spend a few minutes today revisiting my words. RIP.


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