Friday, November 18, 2011

Hotel Life

What they don't tell you in their advertisement (looks nice, huh?) is that they charge by the hour for internet service - ridiculous - and their beds are made of plywood and coiled springs. Uncomfortable. The pillows, too, are rocks. Not soft.

Otherwise, it's rather nice here and worth it. As a 21st century composer, I get annoyed when hotels make money off cyberspace. At least here you can get it. In Disneyworld last year Mickey and Goofy high jacked all uses of modern communication in the name of having fun and spending $42 for a bagel and glass of orange juice. We're not held captive this year. Instead, it's more affordable and there's much going on. The city if very alive (at least that's the way it looked from windows). We were kept away from life for most of the time here.

And then I return to Connecticut. That fast. Whoosh!

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