Saturday, January 1, 2011

Hello, 2011. Good-Bye, 2010

Sometime over the summer, I realized I liked the noise of my world and that the "cacophony" of chaos makes for an interesting, if not bizarre, drumbeat for marching. I decided, then, that 2011 would be about the sonic side of my life.

Welcome. I look forward to hearing from you and the next 365 days to come.

I put together a montage to say "adios" to 2010 and the karmic year that it was (above). In it, I hoped to highlight some of the events of the last twelve months. I apologize if you don't see yourself represented (MOM! IT IS THE GOAL OF ALL THREE OF YOUR CHILDREN TO GET AT LEAST ONE DECENT PHOTO OF YOU THIS YEAR).

And I'm taking full responsibility for the warm temperatures in upstate New York during these last, transitional, days of a new year. Why? I know that it was my KARMA of 2010 that brought on these abnormal temperatures. I'm heading outside, in fact, to listen to the sounds of melting snow and ice while I can hear them...

....and I'm wearing shorts!

Here's to all of us and our 2011 worlds! Let's hope each and every day is spectacular.


  1. Holy cow, the time difference has gotten long between California and New York! It's still Dec. 31 here and you're already writing from Jan. 1! Or, you have a time machine, which wouldn't entirely surprise me. My cat gives a thumbs-up to your 2010 video-- the birdsong was her favorite part.

  2. hey there I'm back in L'ville after a spin in IN with the family for the holidays. BTW, I take responsibility for the warm weather in CNY.

  3. It's certainly a colorful one. I hope I can remember how to spell cacophony every time someone asks me the name of your blog. I truly would miss your blog if you didn't do one!