Friday, January 14, 2011

NWP Radio

Listen to internet radio with NWP radio on Blog Talk Radio

I'm not sure if this radio show will make it okay to the cacophony of 2011, but if it does, you'll be able to listen to the NWP radio show where The Pressures of Teaching was discussed. The show interviews Maureen Picard Robins, the editor, and several chapter authors, including me.

The experience was rather interesting. We phoned in and entered a studio where we were vocally recorded. The show comes across as if we were all together (which I guess we were: NYC, Syracuse, the West Coast). Elyse Eidman Aadahl did the interviewing and she created a Google Doc for us to write the major points we wanted to make. We could follow the points while chatting online as the show was being recorded. Lightly scripted, the show came across rather fluid. That's pretty cool. It is definitely the New Writing of the 21st century. I'm hooked. When can I have my own blogtalkradio show?

It runs about an hour, so it isn't my usually drive-by posting. It might require some commitment.

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