Monday, January 10, 2011

today's homework...impersonate a whale song

I remember Mr. Healy's tenth grade Biology class when were were studying whales. I remember doing a presentation on whales where I sang like they do, and pretended I had baleen. I chewed potato chips and spit them around the room like they were krill and I used my teeth as a demonstration of how food was kept in the mouth. I think I got an A on that project. There's always been something wrong with me and throughout college, I often did this impersonation for friends. At times, I lost them when they had to peel chewed potato cud from their foreheads.

With this said, I do think whales make spectacular noises and I challenge you to impersonate a whale at least once on Monday. See if you can get someone else to smile. I don't recommend the potato chip demonstration, however.

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