Sunday, January 16, 2011

March will be here soon enough

I write it every year. College Basketball is a saving grace in the long winters of CNY. I was at the gym at noon yesterday and went crooked eyed because U of L was on one screen and Syracuse was on the other. Syracuse looked strong against Cincinnati, and U of L rallied it up at the last minute to beat Marquette (I was at mile four at half time and I didn't think the Cards would do it).

In the noise of the season, I'm hearing the fans of the Dome and the new Yum! stadium in stereo. They don't meet until February 12th in the 'ville. Always a win-win situation for me.

The sneakers on court, the imbecilic rah-rah'ing of cheerleaders, the loud speakers, and fanatic crowds are what I love. That, and it brings me something to listen to as I return to my nerdy endeavors.

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