Sunday, January 23, 2011

this makes a quirky guy happy in a karmic world way

Four years after I departed the bliss of teaching at the Brown School, I'm happy to learn the 10-Minute Play Festival is still up and running. Perhaps one of the greatest activities born from teaching during portfolio assessments, the student-writing of scripts that mattered to them took on a life of their own. Each year, the junior class studied Greek plays and were required to write short scripts on a subject that mattered to them. A senior, this year Tristan Conroy, takes on the plays, casts them, and oversees their production as a fundraiser for the senior class. It is usually hilarious entertainment.

Each year, the festival was extremely stressful, but in retrospect, they were beautiful. The noise that occurred on stage at 546 S. First Street was a celebration of what students are able to write, perform, and communicate. Seeing Tristan's advertisement for this year makes me feel proud that I once was a part of it.

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