Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Black Bird Falls From the Sky At Night...

One story caught my attention on the third day of 2011, twice. I post it on day four.

It is the story of a thousand birds falling from the sky mysteriously in Beebe, Arkansas. The streets were littered with Starlings and Red Winged Blackbirds. At this time, there is no explanation for their falling. Lightening? Hail? Fireworks?

I'm trying to imagine the sound of so many birds falling from the air and hitting the pavement. Thump. Whump. K'plump. Tweet?

I went to You Tube to find a copy of the story. The first video I clicked on was a musical rendition of the story. This was posted using Joe Cocker's Bye Bye Blackbird. For a second, I thought I was listening to the CNS Northstars perform to "Eye of the Sparrow" again. Bird down. Bird down. Perhaps they'd like me to choreograph that show. That might be a riot.

May music find its way to every odd tale (tail). Good to know it was posted on YouTube. Birds of a feather, flock together.

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