Monday, June 20, 2011

Another Fairfield Video

A week from today I will be departing for my summer institute at Fairfield University. I plan on bringing my bike (if I can find a way to fit it), but I won't be doing the trick of this kid. In fact, when I brought my bike to Santa Fe, New Mexico, I road up into the mountains and coming down, I found myself high in a pine tree, falling from branch to branch scraping my skin and needing Neosporin for weeks. I looked like Freddy Kruger.

The streets look good, though, and welcoming. It seems odd to know there are only seven more days in my four year return to CNY. It's the good season, too, and so much to do outside, but heading south-east will only guarantee more summer weather to enjoy. I just won't have the family around : (. That's a huge bummer.

But, everything evolves at exactly the right time. I like the music this kid used to shoot his tricks. It puts pep into my stride.

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