Friday, June 24, 2011

A Pertinent Song

I am thinking about this song as I pack up my house today and put it in transport to Connecticut. Normalcy as I've known it will be abnormal for the next year as I learn a new groove, march to a different beat, and grow accustom to new responsibilities. The sad thing is I can't pack up my home, family, and friends to take with me.

In Kentucky, I always said the perfect world would be the Brown School, my family nearby, and an ocean or lake to look at on the weekends. Syracuse had the family and lakes, but no Brown School. Connecticut will have the ocean, the National Writing project, but no families.

Tina Densford bought me a magnet in Florida one year that read, "Leap and the net will appear." I did jump when I left the comfort of 546 S. First Street in Louisville, and I had the support of my family in Syracuse. Now I spring forward again, wondering what net will appear.

Good bye 7218 Eastman. You were the perfect home for me since 2007. I will miss the easy access to highways, the abundance of birds, and the occasional snakes in my yard. I will also miss the wood burning stove and the dead tree in the front yard.

It is a mad world, but a beautiful world, indeed.

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  1. Best of luck with the move and the shift and all that. Find an island in the mad world, my friend.
    And maybe I will see you at some New England Writing Project events in the coming year.
    Kevin Hodgson