Monday, June 27, 2011


Well, the day is here. It's a Monday and I'm "on the road to find out" once again. Thank God for Cat Stevens.

These four years flew a little too fast and when I reflect on the time, it is unbelievable how much occurred, changed, and set me on another path. The number one priority for me has been family. It was EVERYTHING I was missing in Kentucky. They will be missed.

From Clay to Binghamton to Louisville to Denmark to Santa Fe to Middlebury to Tokyo and to Syracuse, I don't think I could have had a map that would direct the journey I've lived. Now a new chapter begins and another page is turned. We shall see what comes next.

I'm thankful, of course, that I've been able to experience it all. I'm a lucky Son of a Butch.

Good-bye, Syracuse. I will miss you.

But, I'll be back.

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