Friday, June 10, 2011

This one from Nikki

One of the pleasures of being home has been to be in proximity of my niece and nephews and their achievements with getting older and growing stronger as human beings (including Dylan's green dog with a badmitton nose). Nikki composed this digital media project through her photography in junior high school, where she had to show transformation from point A (early in the season) to point B (later in the season). As she learned new digital tools and vocabulary, she showed her unique eye for telling a story with images/photography and, with shrewd thinking, she applied music that told her story.

I post her noise on my blog today in celebration that her school year is almost complete and she'll soon be a Northstar at the high school where I graduated over twenty years ago. It's surreal, really, to think about time, transition, growth, change, and the inevitability that nothing sits still. When I was a junior high student, we didn't even have computers and I took typing classes. Today's youth are exposed to so much more and the potential they have for tomorrow is amazing.

Congratulations, Nikki! 9th grade is just the beginning.

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