Saturday, May 14, 2011

a dirty movie

We live in a world where there's a movie for everything. I found this today after my father graciously brought, via a friend, a vat of dirt to use as filler in the crater in my back lawn. Four years after I bought the house, the hole where a pool once was will eventually be filled. There goes my personal pond.

If you feel inclined, come over with a shovel and do a couple loads in the wheelbarrow. At the pace I discovered today, the pool should be filled by February, 2014. Or, if you have some kind of machine to help me move the dirt, I'd be glad to borrow it. I'm sad that the truck didn't fit through the gate so the dumping could have taken place in one quick push of a hydraulic button.

If it rains as it's supposed to, we might even be able to sponsor a mud fight in my driveway. That is where the dirt currently resides. Well there, and in my fingernails, hair, and in the cracks of my ankle socks.

I am Pigpen. Pigpen I am.

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