Thursday, May 19, 2011

a voice from my past

In 1992, when I studied in London, I lived with a girl named Rachel Moriello. At the time, the two of us confessed to one another that we imagined that we'd one day be abducted by UFOs and used for extraterrestrial experiments. It hasn't happened to either one of us yet, although we still have plenty of time to be kidnapped in our lives. Rachel was a theater major and moved to LA to pursue a theatrical/acting career, and currently she owns a voice business where she uses her smooth, voluptuous, and inviting vociferation to do radio and television commercials. Above is one she's done for eHarmony.

It's funny that a voice from my past can also be a voice presently on my television. Although it was almost twenty years ago, I still hear Rachel's voice quite often inside my head as a guiding spirit to this journey - a call of friendship from my past. I think it's wonderful that she now makes noise in a professional way. Her voice has always been a beautiful sound to my ears.

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