Monday, May 9, 2011

Yep, down i count

(Note: this is best read when set to the music I've provided)

Foreigner's final count down popped into my head as I set out to unleash my activities for Monday morning. Tonight will be my last LeMoyne class. Students will present their projects and I will collect twenty of them to grade in the next two days. In the meantime, I printed out six chapters of my dissertation to edit and will meet on Tuesday to see how pathetic I am. When I finish grading, I need to tweak two chapters that I've neglected because I am not a strong writer until I am on top of what it is I'm writing. This needs to be a top priority.

Meanwhile, I've heard from colleagues at Fairfield wondering when I'm coming. They asked, "Did you sell your house yet?"

Well, I haven't even thought about it, other than listening to opinions and making mental lists of what needs to be done before I leave. I can't think about it quite yet, although I look forward to changing my brain's trajectory. I love my house and its proximity to family. I love the work I've done in Syracuse. The thought of having to leave it all behind does not thrill me, especially since I've not had an income or professional sense of self while I returned to home sweet home. It seems sad that when I will be making money again, I will be gone. Unfair, actually...but, c'est la vie.

I will be humming this song for the next month (only to return to it again in the fall when I have to defend this booger).

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