Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mom, This is your mother's day card

I went to Walmart to get a card. Big mistake. Saturday nights at Walmart are not how to spend an evening after writing frantically all day and trying to meet a deadline to, pray-to-God, hopefully get closer to finishing this dissertation gig. Walking the aisles, especially the card aisle, made me hate reproduction, the birthing of children around the world, and the fact that moms are silly enough to raise children in the first place. After twenty minutes of being bumped by mullets and screaming kids, I said, "forget the card. She'll understand"

So, I found this video card online that is more honest than any card I'd purchase for $2.49 anyway. If you want, Cynde, KC, and I can fist fight over breakfast. Better yet, we can do something to piss dad off and that will make for a memorable day. I will film that and post a video like these two sons.

Happy Mother's Day. I love you, Mom! I really do! It's just that I'm not good at picking out cards.

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