Friday, May 20, 2011

Please, Nikki. You know your Uncle's cool.

Doing laundry is not my strong point these days and I wear what is lying on the floor. I'm lucky to dress at all, so when Nikki, my 9th grade niece, makes fun of my sense of style, I simply borrow the words of Meggie Masten, class of 2001, and say, "bite me."

You hate me cuz you know I'm all that and a bucket of chicken. You envy my look and my moves. That's right. I'm on to you.

You know I'm too school for cool. Or is that a bad thing?

For a live performance, give me a call. I know So You Think You Can Dance is about to premiere and my mother's ganglion shoulder is in need of repair, so I post my audition video to make her proud.

What? You know u jealous.

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