Sunday, May 22, 2011

Frying Pan

While traveling through the British Aisles, Amy Parton made us mixed tapes. We rented two cars to get about - first we began with Princess Di, but she was too big, so we settled on Fergie. One of the songs was Evan Dondo's "Frying Pan," and it became symbolic for our summer sojourn.

I've often said that trip to Denmark, then England, then Ireland, then Scotland, back to Cambridge, England was the last big youthful hoorah in my life and listening to this song, the entire adventure comes back to me. We were in our late twenties studying Shakespeare and working with international students from around the world as we read, went to pubs, and enjoyed the English city.

I can remember, too, having my windows open in my dorm room and hearing the Italian tourists as they ran around the city intoxicated. The song will forever be imprinted on one of the greatest summers ever and I listen to the lyrics with memories of complete freedom. Ah, youth.

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