Thursday, July 7, 2011

ABC Family

Although I won't show this to kids (and it was on ABC), I am thinking of improvisation and the art of making things up on the spot in anticipation of audiences. I am in first week of writing with teachers and I'm thinking about ways of writing humorously, but also on the spot. I am wondering about playing with ideas (in physical draft form, such as improvisation) as a way of thinking before one might set out to write something more formal.

I'm also thinking about how the scripts my students wrote came to life when actors could take the written word and bring it to life in their own imagination.

In some ways, we live the everyday in improvisation, but through the repetition of life we build a repertoire of our knowing that becomes somewhat redundant. When it comes to telling our stories, we're somewhat rehearsed.

A phone call here to try it out. Repeat here to a new audience. Alter it here for effect. Improvisation is the start, but eventually we build normalcy. I'm fascinated by playing with the unexpected...especially when the tension makes others laugh.

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