Wednesday, July 6, 2011

no hipster on glogster

On friday, teachers are running a workshop on using Glogster as an alternative to traditional poster making in schools. This online poster is digital and eliminates the paper trail. If all students are online, it is a tool that can be useful. I love new tools (although this is older than new). Once upon a time books were in our hands and on shelves. Now they are going digital. The same is true for presenting. It's awesome, but the traditionalist in me wants it all to slow down.

In fact, when I register for such online toys, I used to be able to enter a birth date that was toward the top. Now I have to scroll to the middle of the pact. I started thinking...the oldest people who are using online sources (and may have the least familiarity) have to scroll down the longest...that may not be a good thing for aging farts like me. Oi vay!

And I also think, the generation of you going through school will one day see blogging and glogging as old skoo. Yikes. What tools will replace the ones we have? Will such tools take away from the content that we're really after?

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