Thursday, July 14, 2011


I've been assigned to teach an incoming freshmen writing course and was given some freedom for what I hope to do. I was thinking I would teach OUTCAST UNITED about the refugee youth soccer team in Atlanta, Georgia, and tying it with academic writing, self-exploration of American identity, and changing demographics. I'm unsure, but curious about where it might go for 18 year olds entering college, especially at a university where diversity is not as readily available as in other places (which will be an ongoing battle for me if I'm unable to get into schools where populations provide alternative versions of the American story).

This is the book trailer for OUTCAST UNITED and my guess is it might allow for interesting conversations about how we see others amongst us. The course reader I'm choosing, too, has a section on sports and I want to make connections between academic language, personal writing, and history.

And that's what I'm thinking.

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