Thursday, July 21, 2011

You won't watch this, but...

I've paid attention for many years on how to change a tire. I've kept up with my knowledge, because every time I see a blown tire, I ask myself "what if that happened to me?"

Well, I had my chance on 95 in Connecticut yesterday and I am thankful I was getting off the next exit when it happened. I heard pop, my truck wobbled and then I exited. I pulled in front of some man's house and proceeded to find a gigantic piece of metal totally piercing my back, left tire. I immediately went to work, in a long sleeve shirt and tie. Of course, it was about 95 degrees. It took me a while to piece the puzzle together but I did the job while onlookers huddled and offered me their pity but not their help. The dummy tire was placed upon the rivets and I got home.

The danger of such an episode makes me thankful that I was close to where I'm living and that it wasn't at a worse time or location. After all, I still don't know where I am. So?

Watch a few videos on changing tires just in case you find yourself in a similar situation. You'll be thankful you reviewed the process and knew where your tools were. I know I was. Otherwise, invest in AAA.

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