Friday, July 8, 2011


When I was a young boy living on French Road, I remember the theme song of MASH coming from the television and my father's napping on the couch. As we moved from Clark Mills to Clay, the theme song continued to play. It was my dad's show and I remember how important it was the night we watched the season finale. I never saw the movie, but in some ways, I grew up with the sitcom. If gave us occasional breaks from Days of Our Lives which monopolized the tube.

I am thinking of the song today, especially as I reflect on changes that are both good and bad. Some of these changes come from a lack of proximity and this is not good. As I grew older (and away from childhood) I had less and less contact with my godfather, Louie, and his wife Jane. I post this in memory of him, learning he passed away earlier this week and was laid to rest yesterday. I am sad that I could not be there in person, but more upset that I was never able to find time to visit in the four years I returned to Syracuse. The friendship my parents had with Lou and Jane was monumental and as I reflect on my family's foundation, I think about how important they were to my parents...especially as they started out as a young couple with three kids in their first home. Louie and Jane could be counted on as next door relatives, and it is understandable why I became the godson. It united our families.

I know this passing is hard for Louie's family, but I imagine it is equally as hard on my parents. That is why I am thinking about the theme song to MASH and my childhood. I am thinking about my father, his career with Louie at the airport, and what it means to lose a friend.

My brother in law, too, lost a good friend this week. For these times we need music that triggers memories, and memories to trigger our hearts and minds to move on. In the theme of this show was friendship, struggle, and humor. Such is life. It is embraced.

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