Sunday, July 31, 2011

Looking for a Revolution on a Sunday

I was able to focus full-heartedly on the housing/rental market in Southern Connecticut today, attacking Trulia, Zillow, Craig's List, and a number of other organizations. What I am reminded of again and again is that I, as a salaried professional making less than a hundred thousand dollars a year, cannot afford to rent or buy. Actually, I can buy, but I can't in this transitional market because I don't have two months worth of steady paychecks. The result of this is the fact that my hands are completely tied.

If I was an economist or a real estate agent or a statistician or a business man, I would totally create a company that works with people like me - stuck in the middle of the rich and ridiculous and the down and out. I only need a two bedroom space with 1,000 or so feet of living area. This, however, means I have to live in areas that are not what appear to be a place to call home.

So, I'm channeling Tracy Chapman and wondering about a revolution. I am sure this is a southern Connecticut phenomenon but this is a territory of the have and have nots - there are no least for renters. I've never experienced anything like this. They say "education pays," but I am currently wondering what that means.

Fingers crossed. I am hoping something transpires in the next 48 hours. I really am running out of time.

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