Monday, August 1, 2011


If my colleague is correct, there are no sharks in the Long Island Sound because they don't feed on fish in the shallow waters between Long Island and Connecticut. I asked her this last weekend when I walked into the ocean. I didn't want to be eaten by a shark. Given that this is shark week, I thought I'd throw a commercial onto the good ol' blog to say, well, the Great Whites have been seen on the Atlantic Coast in large numbers because humans have done a remarkable job advocating for endangered seals which they love to eat. With more of them swimming along beaches where humans bathe, there is likely to be more sharks. Fun.

I know. I know. Casey thinks she can out swim a shark and grab onto its back. In her detective work, she figures if she holds onto their fins, they won't be able to bite her. Drowning? Well, that's not the point. She will hang on for the ride.

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