Thursday, August 25, 2011


I post this after thinking about who defines who has a clue and who has the power to decide who doesn't. I am thinking that I'm rather clueless myself and if the mantra, the more you know the less you know is true, then I'm screwed. I've been trying to know my entire life.

I was talking with a teacher who works in a high-power school, meaning that all students are from upper-middle class homes, all go to college, and curriculum is AP and secure. Although she knows there are other students at the school, because of its location and community, it is not discussed - a taboo. Only phenomenal kids from phenomenal homes go there. The students harass teachers if they don't feel they're being taught to get in the best colleges.

I began to think, "Boy, I really am clueless."

I'm uncomfortable of the language of "best" because it instantly creates "least." Bollucks. If a student goes to a really awesome school and lives in a really awesome neighborhood and attends a really awesome college and then gets a really awesome job, how prepared are they to live in the world where awesome is less common? Or is the illusion of awesome kept in Pleasantville and reestablished because no one every lets the real world come inside?

I don't have a clue. I'm amazed though that economic status equates to our definitions of who does. Perhaps there's something wrong with me, but while some gravitate to the brightest and the best schools, then I have to say I like working with the dimmest and the least. The conversation of perfect spaces reminds me of eugenics too much. And last I checked. Hitler was a monster. And all those who were clued in to his perfect race allowed him to happen.

Nope. I'd rather work elsewhere.

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