Sunday, August 21, 2011

Did Jack Wagner show up?


I missed Mike and Cynde's Deck part with the 80s theme and so, consequently, I didn't contribute to the 2011 pong table, the collection of bottles along the railings, or the volume in the CNY air. Instead, I stayed home and revised, revised, revised.

Here's a collection of 80s music. I'm hoping my mother recognizes some of the songs. She posted on Facebook that the 80s was a decade of disco music and she was too busy raising kids and couldn't pay attention to trends. Um, that's was the 70s, but considering she had three of us from 1969 through our graduations in 1992, I can understand the twenty years that made her oblivious.

It's funny. I remember listening to her and her cousins about growing up when they did: the music, the television, the dances, etc. We thought they were so old (but cool) to have lived when they did. It is strange to think that more generations have passed and soon, well, the YouTube generation (read Nikki and Dylan) will laugh at how silly they were in the early 2000s. I think that is the coolest thing about aging...recognizing nothing stays still and soon, poof, it all transforms.

In that rhythm is where I hope to find serenity.

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