Friday, August 5, 2011


When I learned I was moving to Connecticut, I read about it being known as the "preppiest" place on earth. I thought that was a title reserved for the Hamptons, but I am seeing the similarities. I tried to find the movie "Preppies" from the 1980s, but I found this montage instead.

I was a grunge boy. I grew up wearing flannels and t-shirts and in the early 90s these became trendy. I was stylish without having to be stylish. Because I looked like an episode of Roseanne I was in. Fast forward. I now wear ties, but bargain shop like one of those coupon critters they bring onto talk shows - I find the best deal or I don't buy.

Not this world, though. I won't ever be in this particular crowd, but I've decided I can learn a lot from them. Tennis lessons three days a week. Mercedes and Audis. Loafers and Cardigan sweaters. Country clubs and SAT prep. Oi Vay. I'm in another universe than where I've been in the past.

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