Tuesday, August 2, 2011

What's with my niece and nephews?

I read this article yesterday morning online that depicted a band of brothers from Eagle Hill in Manlius who created a boy band and are now on tour. This is their video. It's always funny hearing boys, pre-pubescent and with high, choir boy voices, singing about potential girlfriends and their lack thereof (um, kid. Could be that you're still at that androgynous phase).

But it got me thinking that my niece, Nikki, should get to work on creating a Nickelodeon band with Dylan, Sean, and Jacob. She totally could be the Lady Gaga of the group (she's dramatic enough) and I totally see JC on the drums. Dylan can play a plunger and Sean a guitar. They'd rock. In fact, KC already has their first song that she recorded during a family event. It's called "I hate breathing," and it depicts all the complaints Nikki had about life in the course of one afternoon.

They'd be totally EMO and I'm sure Disney would call. Get to work kids. Your Aunts and Uncles ain't makin' it big. We want to retire in high fashion. Start the friggn' band already.

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