Monday, August 29, 2011


It is great to see my Baby again, but I'm perplexed, like my parents, about the strange cysts popping up all over her body. They began before I left and we took her to the doctors and they thought they were bites. After I left, they became more abundant and caused hot spots. She was medicated, made dopey, and it was reported they went away. About a week ago, however, they came back and abundantly.

These are only on her stomach, but her side, back, neck, head, and legs are loaded with them. They look like blood blisters and they are hard. They don't bother her and she seems to act fine, but they are getting so large and there are so many, that they are beginning to push her hair she is a rocky surface where tufts grass are growing.

They are ugly and feel horrible when you pet her. She doesn't mind them, though. The vet says he's only see such a case one other time - on a horse.

Anyone know what this is? Any leads? We'd like to help our poor Baby. Something is not right.

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