Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Theme music for yesterday evening

I can't imagine what a category two or three would do. I only had branches and leaves, but it took a couple of hours to pick it all up, tie it in twine, and place it curbside. The storm seems to have been hit or miss throughout most of Connecticut. Some areas are without power still and trees haven't been touched. They're lying against buildings. Other areas doesn't look like anything happened at all. The gazebo in downtown Stratford has the most obvious evidence of a storm. Half of it was crushed by a fallen branch.

I talked to my neighbor who said he slept through it but it felt like being on a creaky old ship. The winds rocked every window from every direction and you were conscious of all the sounds, just waiting for the one snap to crack open your house.

And I'm glad I took 17 yesterday. The news is reporting that the Thruway is closed between Syracuse and Albany because of floods. That's simply crazy.

Ah, but soon it will be winter. Great.

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