Monday, September 5, 2011

7th inning stretch in my writing marathon

I'm using this post as a 7th inning stretch before the writing crunch I shall feel on Monday. On Tuesday, the reality of my new life sets in and I have to transition much of my time for the career I've chosen for myself. Of course, much of this career depends on the completions of my dissertation that is closer now that it ever has been before to being complete. I will not have 14+ hour days to commit to my writing and this perplexes me. Actually, it scares the heck out of me, especially as I try to meet deadlines and move forward with my world.

So, on labor day, when others have time to lounge about and contemplate the nature of work, I will be in my office working like that madman who has been emptying the ocean with a fork for the last two or three decades. I'm hoping lady fortune will be with me and allow me to articulate the last revisions that I've wanted to make before I begin teaching on Tuesday. I anticipate that I am two or three days off my desired outcome and I will be reciting the serenity prayer to get by.

But for this moment, I am stretching my mind and getting away from my exhaustion...if only for a moment.

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